Special Education Teacher

Manchester, CT

Four day a week schedule!

JOB TITLE:  Special Education Teacher

DEPARTMENT:  Education


Director of Education


The Special Education Teacher designs and deliver lessons geared towards the individual needs and capabilities of the students under their supervision. The Special Education Teacher sets learning goals for each student, assesses their progress, and record their evaluations. The Special Education Teacher updates guardians on the progress of their students and collaborate with parents to support with behavior needs.


  • Designs educational programs for students, formulates individual educational programs and presents these at PPT's.
  • Writes lesson plans based on each student's
  • Charts, graphs and collects data on student performance and
  • Directs teaching of students/supervision of lunch room.
  • Designs, implements and evaluates behavior management programs which are in accordance with the School's behavior management techniques and procedures.
  • Must participate in CPI training and become certified to perform therapeutic holds on students when necessary. Must participate in periodic re-certification as scheduled by the Crisis Intervention Coordinator.
  • Responsible for educational and/or developmental assessments of students annually and as needed based upon the progress of the IEP goals and
  • Supervises Teacher Assistants working in the
  • Writes student progress reports to be sent to the LEA and given and discussed with parents, based on goals and objectives in the child's
  • Maintains communication with school social worker, educational coordinator, therapists, speech and language clinicians and occupational therapist servicing the students. Participates in weekly team staff meetings.
  • Participates in team meetings to discuss student's educational programs on a weekly
  • Orders classroom supplies and teaching materials in collaboration with the Educational Director.
  • Reviews and revises curriculum used in
  • Participates in PPT meetings regarding
  • Meets weekly with Educational Director to discuss students' programs, teaches techniques and other relevant matters.


B.A. required, M.A. preferred


The Special Education Teacher shall be certified by the Connecticut State Department of Education holding a Special Education Certificate 165 or equivalent.